22 - The Sands of Time

Série d'histoires inédites des 6 premiers docteurs, paru de 1994 à 1997.
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22 - The Sands of Time

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auteur : Justin Richards
parution : 1996
éditeur : Virgin Books
nombre de pages : 256
ISBN : 0-426-20472-7
pairing : 5th Doctor / Nyssa / Tegan
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Quatrième de couverture

'If Sutekh had escaped, no power in the universe could have stopped him wreaking havoc and destruction. This time, it's worse.'

Arriving in Victorian London, the Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan run straight into trouble: Nyssa is kidnapped in the British Museum by Egyptian religous fanatics; the Doctor and Tegan are greeted by a stranger who knows more about them than he should and invited to a very strange party.

Why are rooms already booked for the Doctor at the Savoy? How can Lord Kenilworth's butler Atkins be in Egypt and London at the same time? What is the history of the ancient mummy to be unwrapped at Kenilworth's house? And what has all this got to do with Nyssa?

The Doctor's quest for answers leads him across continents and time as an ancient Egyptian prophecy threatens 1990s England. While the Doctor attempts to unravel the plans of the mysterious Sadan Rassul, mummies stalk the night and an ancient terror stirs in its tomb.

This adventure takes place between the stories Arc of Infinity and Snakedance, and is a sequel to the classic story Pyramids of Mars.

Justin Richards has written more books that he can remember, and supervised the writing of many more. The Sands of Time is his third Doctor Who novel. Justin lives in Warwickshire with his family, who think that he should spend more time at home with them. And so he should.

Traduction du résumé

Traduction en cours ...
There is always evil to be fought. Evil thrives on neglect. Evil thrives on ignorance, on apathy, on hypocrisy. It thrives wherever we allow these things to grow unchallenged. It thrives wherever we turn our face away from need. Wherever we close our eyes, evil thrives.

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