13 - Invasion of the Cat-People

Série d'histoires inédites des 6 premiers docteurs, paru de 1994 à 1997.
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13 - Invasion of the Cat-People

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auteur : Gary Russell
parution : 1995
éditeur : Virgin Books
nombre de pages : 256
ISBN : 0-426-20440-9
pairing : 2nd Doctor / Ben / Polly
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Quatrième de couverture

'Explode the buoys? But that will destroy the Earth!'
'Oh dear, so it will. Pass on my apologies to the humans, won't you?'

Earth has been invaded. Twice. Thousands of years ago by a race searching for a new power source. More recently by the galactic marauders known as the Cat-People, who intend to continue the work done by the earlier visitors, with devastating results.

The recently regenerated Doctor, along with companions Ben and Polly, teams up with a group of amateur ghost-hunters and a mysterious white witch on a journey that takes them from twentieth-century Cumbria to the Arabian deserts of folklore and Australia 40,000 years in the past. Can the Doctor stop the invaders and disarm the bombs left buried beneath the planet's surface — or have the ancient Aborigines of Australia sung the seeds of their own destruction?

This adventure takes place between the television stories The Power of the Daleks and The Highlanders.

Gary Russell, author of the Doctor Who New Adventure Legacy, is Group Editor of Marvel Comics' award-winning Doctor Who Magazine. He also adores cats and has spent much of his time while writing this story apologizing to his own felines for portraying them as vicious, warmongering baddies.

Traduction du résumé

Traduction en cours ...
There is always evil to be fought. Evil thrives on neglect. Evil thrives on ignorance, on apathy, on hypocrisy. It thrives wherever we allow these things to grow unchallenged. It thrives wherever we turn our face away from need. Wherever we close our eyes, evil thrives.

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